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With Deception Technology, You can detect the stealthiest cyber-attacks. It arms you with an arsenal of digital tripwires to turn the tables on even the most advanced hackers.

Deception technology products work by distributing deception decoys that mimic genuine IT assets throughout the network. The decoys run either a real or emulated operating system (OS) and provide services that are designed to trick the attacker into thinking he has found a way to steal credentials or escalate privileges. In reality, however, the attacker has simply been lured into scanning or attacking a decoy, which then notifies a special dedicated server called an engagement server or a deception server. Correlation engines within the deception server identify which decoy the attacker has scanned or tried to attack and what attack vectors he used.


  • Full Deception Stack (Data, Application, Endpoint, Network)
  • Based on Real Operating Systems and Services
  • Non-disruptive Resource-friendly Implementation
  • TrackDown Documents
  • Real Time Detection
  • Attacker Attribution
  • Live Attack Analysis
  • Agentless integration into Web Apps and Endpoints
  • Local Threat Intelligence (up to TTP level!)
  • Detection of Zero Days
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