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Your email is valuable. Keep it safe!

Since email is now a main means of communication, it must be protected yet be easily retrievable. Through archiving, email is never lost! Email must be legally treated the same as postal communication. Lack of email archiving can result in legal trouble, severe fines and loss of court cases, not to mention a damaged reputation.

Virus Rescuers email archiving and storage management system enables companies to meet growing litigation, compliance, and policy-based corporate governance needs.Individual or mass email redelivery of safely encrypted and compressed emails are only two of the features available to achieve full control over your organization’s email.

Compatible with all mail systems, Virus Rescuers solutions readies your company for ediscovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process. Happily co-exist and work along with any of these, thus giving you the freedom to mix-and-match and protecting your investment in your email infrastructure – now and in the future.

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