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As data breaches become more common and more severe, corporations and government agencies have begun to recognize that persistent, data-level encryption is the best way to safeguard their information. However, adding protection to existing applications can be challenging, especially for organizations with no prior experience in encryption.

A powerful software development kit for Application Encryption delivers high performance, cross-platform security that is easily embedded, insulating sensitive data from weaknesses in other systems that may handle the information.

Organizations can use Application Encryption to encrypt not only file contents, but file names and other metadata as well, helping to ensure that no sensitive information is left unprotected. Create self-extracting ZIP files, delivering significant savings in time and computing resources.

Strong data protection has become a necessity. Application Encryption allows organizations to incorporate industry-leading encryption without losing focus on their own core business.


Application Encryption lets developers add persistent data encryption capabilities with a few simple steps.

  • Easily add security to existing applications
  • Secure sensitive information in files and databases
  • Available in every major programming language
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