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With potentially hundreds of applications utilised within your organisation and some major providers now offering their own independent multi-factor authentication (MFA), processes can become fragmented and inefficiencies can start to instill complacency and reluctancy to follow procedures. With out solution in place you could benefit from by deploying an independent MFA solution.

Deploying an independent MFA solution ensures your organisation maintains user efficiency during authentication. The same solution can be utilised across ALL of your applications, rather than using different processes for each access request.

AuthControl Sentry® is one of the most flexible solutions on the market, integrating with hundreds of applications and appliance software via RADIUS, ADFS, SAML and our own proprietary API – AgentXML.

With advanced configurability supporting ALL types of architecture, AuthControl Sentry® can remain your go-to authentication solution both with your current architectural requirements and any changes you make in the future.

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