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This service lets you uncover vulnerabilities to your external, internal, wireless and cloud networks.

Utilizing a penetration testing approach, this service unveils vulnerabilities that could exist in your networks, creating real-world attack scenarios in a controlled and professional fashion. From the information gathering to the exploitation of the findings Core Security selects the attack path as a real attacker would do.

Our final report contains the results of the identified vulnerabilities in general and a detailed description of the attack path we follow, allowing your IT staff to prioritize the fixes based on those issues that enabled the compromise:

  • Easy to follow attack path
  • Proof of Concept for each identified vulnerability
  • Assessment like vulnerability enumeration
  • Risk and likelihood based rating for each vulnerability
  • Mitigations and recommendations for improvement

Many other providers cannot deliver a comprehensive managed network security solution that also includes managed threat detection and response. Virus Rescuers combines enterprise-class network security with resilience from network attacks and disruptions with dedicated PCI compliance support.

Additional Benefits includes Inbound and Outbound Data Security, Firewall Circumvention Detection, Connected Device Monitoring.

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