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Technology is a crucial part of business, but corporate IT systems rely on so many different pieces of software that keeping everything fully up-to-date can seem like an impossible task.

What is patch management?
Patch management is the process of making sure that every piece of software used within a company is up-to-date with the most current versions (you might think the version you’ve bought is the latest but bugs are routinely found after GA and rather than just ignoring, vendors have to add a sticking plaster until the next update) released by the manufacturer. This includes enterprise-level products like server operating systems and database products, as well as more basic tools like Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash.

For all but the very smallest of SMBs, manually checking for and applying software patches would be a Sisyphean task, which is where patch management software comes in. Rather than forcing IT staff – or staff generally if you don’t have a tech team – to manually update critical systems, patch management will automatically handle the update process for every node on the corporate network.

The most obvious benefit of using patch management is that it ensures nothing slips through the cracks. It’s frighteningly easy for a seldom-used piece of software to get forgotten about, and if it doesn’t get patched it can introduce major security holes.

Patch managers also free up huge amounts of time, allowing IT staff to focus on other, more productive areas of the business. Rather than laboriously combing through update lists, they can be working on ways to get the most business benefit out of existing systems, or modernising IT deployments through digital transformation.

Patch management is also incredibly important in this new age of increased mobility and remote working. While manually updating on-site systems may be time-consuming, it is at least possible – but what do you do if some of your staff work from home, or if a critical patch is released for an employee’s mobile device? Patch management can make sure that all your corporate devices stay updated, regardless of where they are.

Managing and monitoring Windows Updates is time-consuming and laborious.
Patch management solutions from Virus Rescuers save you time and money by taking care of the entire process for you. Patch management solutions are not just about installing updates; they’re about clearly understanding the deployment process and tailoring them to your unique needs.

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