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Our integrated privileged access management platform gives you comprehensive visibility and control over the passwords, endpoints and servers standing between attackers and your critical data. Also, control, monitor and audit privileged users, ensuring they can access only explicitly authorized resources.

Privileged account (identity and access) management isn’t just about privileged identities, though being able to positively identify powerful users and vault and manage their passwords is a key part of the equation.

Comprehensive privileged account management tools also allow for organizations to record privileged sessions so they know exactly what happens during each session—and can prove it to an auditor or investigator.

Leveraging privileged account management through the use of individual identity elevated permissions allows your organization’s users to only utilize privileged access when required to perform specific elevated functions.

Specific service account and API/Web Services integration capabilities support the removal of individual account credentials from electronic resources further enhancing the security posture of the organization.

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