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Every business needs a cost effective Business Continuity Plan for issues of global pandemics, natural disasters, traffic crawls and other various business growth requirements. This puts a corporation through pressures of provisioning systems to allow their staff to be more mobile and implement remote solutions or “Work From Home”

It is typically expensive and dangerous to allow users to directly make them perform corporate functions and operations through their own systems due to risk of compromised activity, keyloggers. It is also not practical to ask everyone to be provisioned with remote machines which adds additional cost.

We at Virus Rescuers help you implement completely secured and multi factor based Work From Home Solution with more flexibility and giving the users choice to login from any endpoint of their choice without any compromise in corporate security requirements. Our solution give you the ability to protect data, prevent data leakage, secured session access, device identifications and authorizations.

Our Work From Home Solutions meets every compliance needs by:

  • Going live in few hours
  • Browser-based access
  • Instant Access using zero-client installation
  • Fully BYOD, requiring zero-pre-configuration
  • Prevent Data Leakage
  • Built-in Multi Factor Authentication – 2FA
  • Flexible Deployment Virtual Appliance
  • Granular Customization
  • Intense Dashboard/Reporting
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